Executive Team Leaders

Absolute Construction Enterprises offers management experiences developed over 25 years with a strong focus on servicing our clients from a construction management / owners representative philosophy. To make this successful, we have a strategy of incorporating team players that have experience as owner facility representatives mixed with managers that have direct working field experiences. These managers have a workable knowledge to understand the Owner’s expectations of the construction process blended with the practical nuts and bolts ability to actually construct, sequence and manage the building process and related costs. We offer extensive personal experiences in managing the construction of projects with the diversified knowledge to assure we can satisfy your projects special needs.

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Tracy J. Stacy


Jeff Stacy

Vice President

Mike Wiedenbeck

Sr. Manager

Bob Burdick

Field Manager

Our construction management team offers our commitment to your project by the direct management involvement of our company’s principals. We possess both the experience as lead manager representing the Clients interest in construction of many large projects as well as, having worked as field supervisors that directed new construction acquiring the technical abilities that practical field experience offers. This of course will and has facilitated our ability to communicate and coordinate expectations directly with the subcontractor’s supervisors and project managers. There quickly develops an understanding that the expectations we convey are reasonable and obtainable based on practical well established experiences. This well rounded knowledge will also contribute greatly in forecasting what is needed to avoid potential problems or getting involved to trouble shoot solutions for any issues that may develop. 

Our approach to working with all project members is solution orientated. We will conduct performance reviews for quality assurance; correspond with all team project managers and evaluate project conditions to facilitate a mutually successful conclusion for all involved. We drive toward continuity with project goals set between our client, the architect and ourselves; measuring our own success by the assessment from our clients on how well they believe these expectations were satisfied. The depth of our team at Absolute Construction offers all the experience of the largest companies without sacrificing the additional personal commitment that is driven by the direct participation of the firms principle members.