Located in Racine, WI and incorporated in 1990 as a woman owned business with an original focus on architectural design. Absolute Construction Enterprises (ACE) has since become one of our areas most diverse and experienced contracting firms (certified WBE/DBE). With the addition of an Owners Representative and Construction Management team in 2005, Absolute Construction Enterprises offers clients a full spectrum of options from Owner’s Agent/Representative and Construction Management to General Contracting. Our vastly experienced team has successfully completed projects ranging up to $50 million values in the following markets:

  • Municipal (Fire Stations, Libraries, City Halls, Transit Facilities, Museums and more)
  • Schools (Grade Schools through High Schools, Universities and Technical Colleges)
  • Churches
  • Correctional
  • Health Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Executive Residences

The team at Absolute Construction Enterprises believes in the importance of providing our clients’ not only the best service in meeting all their construction needs, but also the importance of living up to and exceeding these expectations. We take pride in developing partnerships with our clients through:

  • Establishing Mutual Goals
  • Acknowledging and Appreciating Special Needs
  • Clear Understanding and Communication
  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Integrity 

Aware that today’s project owners appreciate having a complete understanding of their building project and often wish to take an active role in the construction process, ACE has developed a system to manage and cross reference the progress and constant influx of communication between all participants from architect to manager to subcontractor, keeping the owner appraised and aware of all aspects of the project. If the owner's obligations require a more passive role, our communication and reporting skills are designed to keep our clients well informed and in their appropriate comfort zones.

Absolute Construction stresses the value of establishing trust, reliability and integrity in developing our building partnerships. Structuring communication is a key to the success of any relationship. We concentrate on establishing mutual goals and respective responsibilities early in the planning process to assure that we all have a clear understanding of each projects specific need. We also facilitate active workshops with all core group members and sessions to develop valuable Project Partnering and team building. Acknowledging and appreciating our Client's special needs improves our capacity to service those needs and manage the impact a building project will have on our Client.

Utilizing industry leading industry management technologies to maintain quality control, ACE is able to substantially reduce costs and pass on the savings to our clients. Our team possesses extensive experience with the complex industry leading programs required to manage a project’s flow of information. These tools give Absolutes Management Team an edge in providing the following to ensure a successful process for all participants.

  • Clear communications
  • Operational quality controls
  • Maintaining cost controls
  • Comprehensive detailed scheduling
  • Organizing historical data for estimating

The entire team at Absolute Construction has worked diligently to establish a reputation toward becoming one of the foremost trusted partners in the construction building industry. We continually strive to make each project a completely satisfying experience for the building owners.