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Commercial Municipal Project
The focus with the Pewaukee Fire Station was on providing an essential community service while creating the least impact on adjacent nature preserves. Our journey begins with the completed view showing the impact of the translucent wall panels to offer diffused natural light creating an energy efficient system.

Absolute Construction offers valuable experience in working on many sites with special needs.  In this site, special foundation piers were required to offset low bearing capacities of existing soils. Our crew has worked many times to provide added efforts to preserve or protect the adjacent environment.  At times this may even include special efforts to reclaim brown field site by placing constrained areas back into good use.

You will see from start to finish, the transformation and care taken to enhance and restore the n
atural habitat on site and in adjacent areas. The implementation of rain gardens in addition to traditional retention basins brought an ecological dimension to the landscape. 

The hose tower not only provides function, but allows natural light to enter the space.
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